Antonio Gaudi - an extraordinary genius, pride of Barcelona. Born a son of a coppersmith, the precocious prodigy became the architect of the Sagrada Familia at 31 years old. In his pursuit of structural rationality in the space make-up and respect for tradition, hehas filled his creations with a symphony of his unique decorations based on holy devotion and naturalistic beliefs. Behind the 'anomalous' aspects is a vivid foresight that to this day leaves us in wonder. Much acclaimed by the public, these unprecedented architectures are monumental icons,slices of an era of Catalonia. Presented in this volume are 9 magnum opus of this giant, gone forever at the age of 73 in an accident.

Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia
Cripta de la Colonia Guell
Park Guell
Casa Vicens
Pabellones Finca Guell
Palacio Guell
Torre Bellesguard
Casa Batllo
Casa Mila

256 total pages, 112 in color
ISBN4-87140-618-0 C1352
Hard Cover


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