Including 11 houses from earliest works. The Prairie Houses built during the period between the turn of century and 1910 mark Wright's first step, ?The open-plan?emphasizing the spatial continuity/horizontality, or walls unfolding themselves through large windows are characteristics that have originated within the expanse of the great Prairie on the outskirts of Chicago root. He went on to design the stained glass, furniture and landscape as well. The sense of unity attributes to these houses a value of an art, beyond that of mere living spaces.

William H. Winslow House and Stables, 1893
Ward W. Willits House, 1902
Frank Thomas House, 1901
Susan Lawrence Dana House, 1902
Arthur Heurtley House, 1902
Darwin D. Martin House, 1903
Frederick C. Robie House, 1908
F. F. Tomek House, 1907
Avery Coonley House, 1907
E. E. Boynton House, 1907
Meyer May House, 1909

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