An 'elegant house' implies a graceful, balanced, mature piece of work which does not depend itself on the size nor the cost (the Fallingwater being a work depicting the very essence of it, is not included here as it would be featured independently). Of the 10 houses featured, their inner spaces that Wright has once referred to as 'the reality of building' are to be awarded an everlasting esteem for their furniture and fittings arranged with elaborate care to the finest detail, the continuity with the outdoor nature introduced by the decorative windows, and the effects of light from the wide openings and toplights.

"Wingspread", Herbert F. Johnson House, 1937
Leigh Stevens House, "Auldbrass Plantation", 1939
Lowell Walter House, "Cedar Rock", 1945
Herman T. Mossberg House, 1946
Kenneth Laurent House, 1949
David Wright House, 1950
William Palmer House, 1950
Isadore J. Zimmerman House, 1950
Harold Price House, "Grandma House", 1954
Gerald Tonkens House, 1955

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